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Yes, there are wild crocodiles in Singapore. They have always been here, long before Singapore was known as Singapore.

In the early decades, there were lesser sightings of crocodiles as their natural habitats were disrupted in the nation construction and modernization process.

Today, as the other neighbouring countries are embarking on their major coastal development projects, these crocodiles' habitats are once again disrupted. They started finding new homes, and some came to Singapore.

The crocodiles are mostly sighted in North-west region of Singapore waters. These are estaurine breed, or commonly known as salties.

When and if you ever chance upon any, do respect their space and never ever attempt to get close to get picture perfect shot. Just admire their majestic presence from far, very far in fact.

Do not be ignorant and arrogant to think that you are faster than them, on land or in water. It is not worth taking this risk.

Trust me, you will likely not even have the chance to regret.