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This family is truly the 1st otters in the city in my opinion. The first otter was sighted late 2013 or early 2014 at Gardens By The Bay and its surrounding marina. The GBTB staff made special effort, designing and putting up Otter Crossing signage around its facility for public awareness. Their staff also went through knowledge sharing session conducted by qualified expertise, on DOs and DON'Ts and also provide necessary advisory to members of public when they encounter the otters. This special effort is also first of its kind I know of, going beyond organization botany scope, trying its best to play good host while these little creatures are in our Marina reservoir and using Gardens as one of its few resting areas.

The family of 6 now (1 missing since early 2015 due to unknown reason) still hangs around regularly at GBTB and barrage areas. Since the younger ones have grown up, they are more adventurous and able to swim further as far as Clark Quay River, Kallang, potong pasir and Mountbatten water. They do climb and cross over the barrage over to the sea quite regularly.

I am not sure how long more will they stay around, but certainly this family is loved by many visitors, tourists, water sports people, residents around tanjong rhu and park users.