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Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve (SBWR) is an interesting place. The area includes 202ha of mangroves, mudflats, ponds and forests. This reserve is as close as it gets we have in Singapore, to a wild life reserve.

While the land space is not huge, SBWR is actually an animal saunctry with variety of species such as native and migatory birds (seasonal), estaurine crocodiles, otters, monitor lizards, snakes and different insects. Occasionally, there will be monkeys and wild boars found in the reserve.

My first visit to SBWR was about 10-years ago. During my first visit, I was lucky enough to spot a crocodile and a few otters (afar) just at the main bridge after visitor centre. At that time, I was not big into animal photography yet, and so I simply took a few shots of the crocodile. And gave the otters a miss. That first visit to SBWR and encountering of wild crocodile left a deep impression on me. It sets the subsequent "path of no return" in the continuous purchase and upgrading of my camera systems just to get better shots. For many years thereafter, I would always visit SBWR with crocodile sighting as primary objective and also occasionally taking otter photographs whenever I chanced upon them. To give some background and context of animal sighting experience then, both crocodiles and wild otters were rarities back in those days. Out of 5 visits, I probably get to 1-2 crocodiles and hardly any otter sighting.

Not sure if the otters actually stay within SBWR itself, or the little isolated small island of Pulau Buloh, or even further west to the Military restricted zone forests. In anycase, SBWR is always a "hang-out" by the different families over past few years, for fishing and resting.

Although I do not visit SBWR often these days, this place has a special place in my heart.